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Traditional Scottish Food


Feeding Scottish Highland Cattle At The Farm West Of Auburn, KS


Feeding Scottish Highland Cattle At The Farm West Of Auburn, KS

North Texas Irish Festival - Dallas, TX
Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games - Phoenix, AZ
San Antonio Highland Games & Celtic Festival - San Antonio, TX

Medieval Fair Of Norman - Norman, OK   
Annual Spring Great Plains Renaissance Festival Wichita, KS  
Arkansas Scottish Festival Lyon College Batesville, AR
Iron Thistle, Scottish Heritage Festival - Yukon, OK  

Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games - Decatur, TX
Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival - Albuquerque, NM
Menards NHRA Nationals Heartland Park - Topeka, KS

Pikes Peak Celtic Festival - Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Irish Festival - Littleton, CO
Arizona Highland Celtic Festival- Flagstaff, AZ

Iowa Irish Festival - Waterloo, IA
Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment Festival - Kansas City, MO
International Festival Of Nations - St. Louis, MO

KC Irish Festival - Kansas City, MO
153rd Scottish Highland Gathering & Games - Pleasanton, CA
Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival - Estes Park, CO
Scotfest - Broken Arrow, OK
St. Louis Scottish Highland Games - Chesterfield, MO
Grest Plains Renaissance Festival Scottish Highland Games - Wichita, KS

Kaw Valley Farm Tour - Auburn, KS
110th Annual Auburn Fair - Auburn, KS
Mother Earth News Fair - Topeka, KS

Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games - Tucson, AZ
Highlands And Islands - Gulfport, MS

Feeding Scottish Highland Cattle At The Farm West Of Auburn, KS
Pipe band in Las Vegas
You have to grab your rest when you can.
These events make for long days.
End of the day at Tucson.
It was a great event.
The Games in Tucson have great
views and fantastic weather.
This is a must on your list of
Highland Games.
All About Highland Games

Published in Ireland circa 1150 AD, The "Book of Leinster" describes an
event listed as the Tailtean Games which was held in the town of Telltown,
Ireland.  The description lists stone throwing, pole vaulting, high jumping,
dart throwing, wheel throwing and other competitive feats of strength. The
date of these early Games is given as 1829 BC.  The book goes on to say
the Games were held yearly to at least 554 BC.  In a revised version, the
Games lasted until 1166 AD.  If factual, the Games predate the Greek
Olympics.  Highland Games came into Scotland with the Celtic migration
from Ireland.  Games grew in number and popularity until the English Act of
Proscription in 1746, which outlawed all things Scottish, prevented them.  
In 1782 the Act was repealed and Highland Games once more became a
popular sport.
When the Scots immigrated to America, they brought their Games with
them.  Although many of the events have changed slightly, Scottish Games
today are basically the same competitive events they were hundreds of
years ago, although today, competitive dancing, piping, drumming, and
marching bands have been added to the entertainment schedules.
The First Games in the United States were held in 1836 in New York.  Thirty
years later, Highland Games had spread across the country and The
Caledonian Club of San Francisco held its first Games.  These Games hold
the distinction of being the oldest continuous running Games in the US.
Post card view of the aftermath
from a snow storm in Colorado.  It
stranded us in Silverthorn.  
Highland Games are held all over the world, including Canada &
Australia.  There are many Highland cattle associations across the United
States and the World.
Some of these are:

American Highland Cattle Association
Mid-Atlantic Highland Cattle Association
Northeast Highland Cattle Association
Heartland Highland Cattle Association
Northwest Highland Cattle Association
Canadian Highland Cattle Association
Australian Highland Cattle Association

And many more!
Along with the usual condiments, we offer
HP Sauce.  A traditional british steak sauce
that is sweet and tangy.  It's great on almost
anything but especially good on our
Scottish sausage and our Haggis Pup.
Opening ceremonies in Las Vegas.
Hurricane Ike made landfall in
Galveston, TX, then decided to
visit Tulsa, OK.  This was the result.
Over half the tents were damaged
and some were completely gone.  
But the games went on.
Our tent and equipment survived
completely intact.  Thanks to steel
fencing that allowed us to tie down
the tent.  When they say "rain or
shine" they truly mean it!
Karl makes sure we have the
supplies we need for the day.  
When you are serving a crowd of
85,000 people you need good
support behind the scenes.
Just another day at
the park for Chris,
after 6 hours of
serving food.  It's
nice to soak in a little
We call this "schmoozing,"  John calls
this PR and he is very good at it.
Jessica takes
a little time to
relax before
our day
begins in
Estes Park.
In our travels we often stop at various
places where we encounter scenery
and wildlife not familiar to us.  Some of
us take in stride while others such as
Carol need time to adjust.  Even if is
just a sign.
Thank you for taking  the time to look over our Concession page and our Food Vendor Schedule. You will almost
always find us next to Heritage Meat Pies, Fish and Chips, Caledonian Kitchen,
Scotch Eggs and the Guiness truck. We look forward to seeing you soon at a Celtic Festival.
Take time and discover your heritage.